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Well since my last post, a LOT has happened. Far too much to write in one blog post anyway so I’m going to have to work backwards!

I’m exactly two weeks to the day, post open Myomectomy!

I’ve seen a Nutritionalist and started taking more beneficial supplements and am also considering a DNA test to find out a bit more about how my body metabolises estrogen.



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Side effects

So, a few days ago, I posted about taking supplements, alongside my dietary changes to try to rebalance my hormones naturally. After a few weeks’ use and a slightly increased dosage, I began noticing itching on my arms and legs particularly. Now, I have developed some isolated rashes, like this one on the back of my upper arm. This was how it looked after coming out of the shower, so a little more aggravated by the hot water than usual, however as you can see, it’s quite significant. I’ll keep monitoring this, as I’ve lowered the dose of the DIM and see how it changes.

I also have a very itchy neck/upper chest. I thought this was light sunburn to begin with, but the redness never left (about 5 days now) and there are small bumps too.

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Using natural supplements – DIM

I came across DIM (DIINDOLYLMETHANE) when doing some google searching about a month ago, and decided to give it a shot to rebalance my hormones and shrink my fibroid naturally.

I started taking it on the 3rd May (same date as my laparoscopy surgery) and have taken 2 tablets a day for the majority of the time.

DIM is an active compound found in cruciferous vegetables, including broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and kale and it supports liver detoxification and healthy estrogen metabolism.

Within two weeks of taking DIM, alongside my new anti-estrogenic diet, I noticed some side-effects:

  • My nails seemed stronger – my thumb nails always break before they get very long, and both were the longest I think I’ve ever had them!
  • My temperature seemed more ‘moderated’. I usually suffer from being cold all the time, but I felt my hands and feet were more balanced with the rest of my body.
  • I did experience ‘chills’ though at times – which didnt last too long, but felt like short spells of shivers.
  • My breasts felt smaller, as if the fatty tissues inside were decreasing.
  • The adult/hormonal spots I suffered from all the time, had cleared up!
  • After increasing my dose to 3 tablets per day, I noticed my body getting itchy. This was on my arms and legs particularly, but my face also became a little ‘bumpy’ and sore. I decided to lower the dose to 1 tablet following this expereience, but will keep the diet up.

I definitely feel that my hormones are being affected by the treatments I’m doing – I just have no idea what it’s doing to the fibroid!

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I’m now on day 28 since my Laproscopy, and I thought I’d share a few images of how my wounds have been looking! I found it hard to know what was normal or not and it’s quite difficult to find an honest (/brutal) account online.

I’ve had fluid leaks, scabs and itching – oh the itching is driving me insane right now!! I may have suffered an allergic reaction to some of the dressings, as my skin went a bit red and spotty. Equally, this could be a reaction to some internal stitches dissolving. I sprayed on some colloidal silver after showing with warm water, and redressed it with a large breathable plaster.

Allow as much air to the wounds as possible, while protecting them from rubbing. Try not to wear clothes that are too tight around the waist either!

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Eating right; feeling great!

I have decided to take action! I would say that I have a pretty good diet…I’m vegetarian, I eat mostly organic food BUT one thing definitely going against me is my ‘Sweet Tooth’. My mum said I didn’t have any meat or sugar for at least the first year of my life, and indeed probably didn’t know about ‘nasties’ like soda, chocolate, sweets and processed bread before I started going to parties when I was little. Unfortunately, once I did discover these delights, I was reluctant to let them go again.

As I grew up, I developed an unhealthy obsession for desserts, and I’ve even been known to go out for meals and skip the other two courses! I always needed something sweet in my mouth following any savory meal, and now I know more about the highly addictive nature of sugar, I understand this urge more!

Anyway, my research into fibroid shrinking and preventing diets has revealed that this is one of the first things that should be banished! Certain foods are anti-estrogenic, and some cause higher estrogen levels in the body, which are obviously those to avoid.

I’ve started a plant-based, unprocessed diet with plenty of fresh vegetables, whole grains and fruit, and you guessed it – NO refined sugars!

The above image shows a selection of my savory meals over the last 3 weeks. I’m experimenting using my own ideas, using an array of new cook books including a couple from ‘Deliciously Ella’ and inspiration discovered on sites like Instagram.

I’ll discuss more in a future post about the certain food types and benefits.

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Laparoscopy recovery

You may have seen from my earlier post that I was recommended to take 1 or 2 days off work after the procedure, but I soon realised that I’d need longer before getting back to my usual routine. In the end I had 5 days off work, but even then, I felt I shouldn’t really be back at my desk quite yet. I still had a lot of pain getting in and out of the car, walking and carrying things. It honestly took me by complete surprise how long I needed to fully recover, and I’m still not 100% 27 days later.

My lower incision healed quite nicely, although as I covered them both in plastic dressing while showering, which proved difficult to remove, I perhaps left them sealed for too long. The original dressing strips were really hard to get off in one piece and I was scared to tug too hard in-case I did any damage to the wound itself.

A better recommendation, is to use an easy-peel breathable dressing for most of the time, but replace it after showering so that you can clean the wound with warm water regularly. Make sure you dry it after washing though. A salt water wash is good too, and I also placed a couple of drops of lavender on the dressing to promote healing.

The scabs fell off after about 3 weeks, but shortly afterwards I started to experience intense itching beneath my belly button and a hardened feel. I actually got quite concerned so I went back to the hospital for them to check it out and take a swab for potential infections. I had a horrible experience a couple of days ago where I’d been wearing jeans that were too tight and rubbing on my stomach as I sat and leant forward. I could sense that the plaster I was wearing was full of liquid, and as I peeled it off, a gush of serous fluid dripped down my trousers and on to the floor!

Anyway, the itching is keeping me up at night and extremely aggravating, but the doctor I saw said it might be down to any internal stitches I had that might be in the process of dissolving. I’m unsure whether I had internal stitches or not, but I will make a point of asking my consultant next time I see her in a week.

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Natural alternatives

One of the first things we do nowadays is of course ‘google’ things. It seems odd to me that this is even classed as a verb, but that’s another matter!

I tried not to google ‘fibroids’ until I had a certain diagnosis. I learnt a lesson, and scared myself in the process by taking one radiologists view as read (when they said I had a Dysgerminoma rather than a fibroid). Ultimately we’re only human, and if you feel you need to research then do, BUT make sure you keep an open mind and read everything, and everyone’s stories with impartiality.

I didn’t just want to know what they are but also why fibroids occur…

Many posts relate to shrinking and healing fibroids naturally, so I decided to learn more about this to help inform my future decisions. The first thing that became apparent was that fibroids tend to occur for hereditary reasons or where there is a hormonal imbalance.


The more I learnt about hormone imbalances, the more I thought this might be why my fibroid has grown, but might also explain other symptoms I experience too. Typically, women who have estrogen dominance suffer from fibroids, but this condition can also cause other issues like:

  • Anxiety, irritability, anger, agitation, Cramps, heavy bleeding, prolonged bleeding, clots, Water retention/weight gain, bloating, breast tenderness, lumpiness, enlargement, fibrocystic breasts, mood swings, depression, weepiness, headaches/migraines, food cravings, sweet cravings, chocolate cravings, Muscle pains, joint pains, back pain, acne, foggy thinking, memory difficulties, fat gain, especially in abdomen, hips and thighs, cold hands and feet (i.e., stressed adrenals), blood sugar instability, Insulin Resistance/syndrome X, irregular periods, decrease sex drive, Gall bladder problems, infertility, insomnia, osteoporosis, endometriosis, polycystic ovaries, uterine fibroids, cervical dysplasia (abnormal cells on PAP smear), allergic tendencies, autoimmune disorder, breast-uterine-cervical-ovarian cancer. (

Estrogen dominance doesn’t mean the body has too much estrogen, it means that together, the hormonal balance between estrogen and progesterone isn’t working correctly.

So, if we think our balance is slightly off, what can we do!?

Well, I decided to take a multi-strand approach to hormone balancing and I’ll detail that quickly below and in more detail in other posts.

  1. Hormone balancing supplements
  2. Diet
  3. Lifestyle
  4. Other natural ideas
  5. Things I’ve not yet tried, but am willing to.

I found this article a good concise and informative read.